Babs Belshaw Ceramics

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My journey so far.

Growing up in the Isle of Man and the North coast of Ireland has given me a great connection with the ocean, its ever changing colours and movements from stormy grays to sunshine lit blues, this is where I first source my inspiration from.

falling in love with art at school lead me to studying ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales then onto the DCCOI Ceramic Skills Course in Kilkenny, Ireland. Graduating in 2016 myself and Harry (pictured left) moved back home to our native Northern Ireland and set up Babs Belshaw Cermaics.

The first step to my creations is opening a bag of porcelain clay and starting  the potters wheel, it's here where all my pieces start there life, once made they are left to dry then fired in the kiln. I work with 2 glazes the first a pure shiny one used for all my table ware, this is a strong durable glaze perfect for everyday use. The second glaze I work with is a crystal glaze, this is a technically controlled glaze that contains a zinc oxide and when held at certain tempratures in the kiln the zinc grows crsytals which is a true bit of chemistry magic.


Have a browse through my pieces and if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to leave a comment







The Idea

My idea started about 7 years ago when I couldn't find the write colours and shapes I wanted for my kitchen so I decided to make my own.  So after spending a few years perfecting my skills and training that is exactly what I did.

Style & Quality

my style is simplistic and elegant but practical i use all my own ceramics in my kitchen and in  the dishwasher and microwave


(not items with gold luster or crystal glaze)

100% Handmade

All handmade in my studio my me and my two hands,

No two pieces can be identical but I feel that's the joy of buying handmade!.