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Hey there, I’m Babs Belshaw. I’m a Potter. I Make unique porcelain objects created for the home.

Based in Coleraine Northern Ireland.


Babs is a ceramic artist based near the town of Coleraine on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. The inspiration for her work comes from living life near the coast, the rich and rugged landscapes of the Atlantic ocean is evident through her colour scheme.

Her work is made from porcelain for its pure whiteness and thrown on the wheel. Her forms come in a variety of bulbous vases, the connection between a soft rounded shoulder and a narrow foot have an elegant stance and presence.

The choice of surface decoration comes from the complex glazing technique of creating crystals. This process is totally spontaneous creating crystal formations that are suspended within the glaze. With the addition of a finishing touch of gold lustre, each piece has a luxurious quality.

Babs childhood was spent between the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. After leaving the school she embarked on a National Diploma in Art and Design at Limavady, this was where her love of ceramics began

Babs then studied at Cardiff School of Art and Design completing a degree in ceramics in 2014 and the DCCOI Ceramic Skills and Design course in Ireland,  graduating in 2016. Now she is running her pottery in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.


Much love,